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Overwatch's new escort map Junkertown is now live on all platforms

Along with all the changes to Mercy and D.Va.

Overwatch's highly anticipated new stage, Junkertown, has been released on all platforms as part of the game's latest update.

Located in the Australian outback, Junkertown is a Mad Max-esque scavenger-ridden wasteland. Only instead of two men entering and one man leaving, it's 12 people entering and six people leaving. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Another addition in this patch is that Xbox One players whose reputation has been downgraded to "Avoid Me" will still be part of the same matchmaking pool as other players, but they won't be able to use in-game voice chat.

The Mystery Heroes mode has also received a few tweaks. Now anything a player has placed, like a turret, will despawn upon death. Players also won't respawn as the same hero.

Beyond that, the major changes promised to Mercy and D.Va will be put into practice. These changes are so big that they essentially make each of these heroes brand new characters. Mercy even has an all new Ultimate.

There are plenty of bug fixes that you can read up on in the patch notes. Let us know how you get on with the new map and changes.

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