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Overwatch's Halloween event returns next week

UPDATE: Yet more skins leak.

UPDATE 9/10/2017: Three more skins for Overwatch's Halloween Terror event have leaked through Facebook advertisements. Earlier this week we saw McCree and Reaper's spooky themed skins, via promotional video, but now we get a look at Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta's newest looks.

Originally reported by PCGamer, images of the new attire were taken from the ads and posted on Reddit. See them below.

Mei's Jiangshi inspired skin. A Jiangshi is a type of renanmated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore, also known as a Chinese "hopping" vampire.

Zenyatta's new skin seems to be to based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu, a powerful deity which lies in a death-like sleep beneath the Pacific and one of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones.

Symmetra's demonic new look appears to be inspired by the Ifrit, a large-winged fire demon (classified as a Jinn) from Middle Eastern tradition. You may recognise the Ifrit from some of the Final Fantasy games, where you can summon one to fight alongside you.

From what we've seen so far, it appears this year's Halloween Terror event skins are based on myths, legends and folklore. If that's the case, I can't wait to see what else Blizzard is brewing up.

ORIGINAL STORY 4/10/2017: Overwatch Halloween event will return next week, Blizzard has revealed.

The announcement was made via Twitter but didn't give much away. However, the appearance of Dr Junkenstein at the end of the accompanying video suggests Junkenstein's Revenge will return.

Junkenstein's Revenge was Overwatch's first co-op PVE brawl, and made its appearance last Halloween. The horror-themed brawl sees players teaming up to take on waves of scary enemies and bosses. You can check out Eurogamer's Aoife battling zomnics in last year's event below.

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This year's Halloween event will no doubt also bring new skins, sprays, emotes, victory poses and highlight intros, as well as pumpkin-shaped loot boxes.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 starts on 10th October and ends 2nd November.

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