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Overwatch Christmas theme tune found, sets tongues wagging

Ana partridge in a pear tree.

How will the Overwatch theme tune sound after Santa gets his mitts on it? We already know! Thanks to Overwatch data dredgers discovering the Christmas theme in game files.

Rather pleasant isn't it?

Naturally it follows that there will be some kind of Christmas Overwatch event, as there was a Halloween Overwatch event. Will the festive lootboxes be wrapped presents? And what skins and goodies will fill them? Who, more importantly, will be Santa? Reinhardt? Roadhog? Winston? Zarya? Ana?

Also, will the inevitable Christmas Overwatch event bring a new Arcade/Brawl mode with it, as the Halloween and Summer Games events have before it? More co-operative Overwatch play as with Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge, or something else? Will any maps be Christmas-ified?

The Overwatch Christmas theme music wasn't the only new sound file found. A number of voice lines for hero interactions were found, many involving Sombra, although there's one about Reinhardt and Zarya armwrestling, which is nice.

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