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Ouya Kickstarter ends at over $8.5 million

Release date slips back a month for non-backers.

The Ouya Kickstarter has come to a close at a whopping $8,596,475.

It had aimed at $950,000 when it launched on 10th July.

Since then we've learned oodles about the open Android-based console. It's tiny, supports four controllers, will feature Onlive support, Robert Bowling's Human Element prequel will be exclusive to the platform, Square is supporting it with Final Fantasy 3 as a launch title and Namco is in talks to make games for it.

Now that the ludicrously successful crowdsourcing campaign has come to an end, Ouya has started an official site complete with pre-orders. Curiously, it lists April 2013 as a release date rather than the previously announced March.

The Kickstarter page clarified that "We can only promise OUYA by March to our Kickstarter backers," so the general populace will have to wait an extra month.