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Outcast remake reveals first gameplay trailer

Out of this world.

Outcast: Second Contact, the remake of the cult classic 1999 open-world sci-fi RPG, now has a gameplay trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoOutcast - Second Contact - Debut Trailer [ESRB]

If it looks very similar to its source material that's because many of the same developers are involved at Appeal, the studio responsible for the original adventure. As it turns out, the company only reacquired the rights to Outcast in 2014, at which point it released an updated version of the original game with some slight graphical upgrades.

This new version looks far more contemporary as players resume the role of special forces agent Cutter Slade, the first human to make contact with the denizens of the alien world Adelpha, who just so happen to think you're a messiah.

Outcast: Second Contact is planned for an autumn release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.