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Outcast remake reveals first gameplay trailer

Outcast: Second Contact, the remake of the cult classic 1999 open-world sci-fi RPG, now has a gameplay trailer.

If it looks very similar to its source material that's because many of the same developers are involved at Appeal, the studio responsible for the original adventure. As it turns out, the company only reacquired the rights to Outcast in 2014, at which point it released an updated version of the original game

with some slight graphical upgrades.

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Outcast releases enhanced 1.1 edition on Steam

The first step in dev's plan to remake the cult classic in HD.

Earlier this year developer Fresh3D launched a Kickstarter to remake the 1999 adventure game Outcast for a modern audience. Unfortunately, that crowdfunding campaign met less than half of its lofty $600K goal. Rather than admit defeat, Fresh3D has instead rereleased an enhanced - albeit not fully HD - version of the sci-fi open-world adventure.

First gameplay of Outcast HD reboot released

First gameplay of Outcast HD reboot released

"For those who don't know the original game..."

The creators of the Outcast HD reboot have released the first gameplay footage of the game in a bid to boost its Kickstarter campaign.

The video, below, features footage captured from a "very early prototype" of Outcast HD, with accompanying voice over from creative director Franck Sauer. It uses assets from the original game for the characters, animations and effects, but the environments have been rebuilt.

"For those who don't know the original game, I hope this video will give them a glimpse of what the game could be if we had the chance to modernise all the components," Sauer said.

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