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THQ Nordic is at it again, acquires IP rights to classic sci-fi action-adventure Outcast

Best Slade plan.

THQ Nordic has started the new year in much the same way as it finished the last one, and has announced that it's acquired the IP rights to yet another classic franchise - this time those of much-loved sci-fi action-adventure Outcast.

Outcast (not to be confused with Red Barrels' horror series Outlast, but watch me go and mistype that at least once here) originally released in 1999. It featured an ambitious proto-open-world structure, and told the tale of the absurdly named Cutter Slade - a former US Navy Seal who finds himself on an alien planet known as Adelpha. A tastefully modernised remake, known as Outcast: Second Contact, was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2017.

Cover image for YouTube videoOutcast - Second Contact - Launch Trailer

THQ Nordic hasn't offered any indication of what it intends to do with the Outcast IP just yet - who knows if this might eventually lead to an Outcast 2 - but it does note that the deal "has been finalized with the three original creators of the game".

Outcast is, of course, the latest in an increasingly long line of classic IP acquisitions by THQ Nordic. Last year alone, it snapped up the rights to Carmageddon, TimeSplitters, Second Sight, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Alone in the Dark, and Act of War. It also owns a host of THQ properties, including de Blob, Destroy All Humans, and Darksiders.