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Original The Settlers creator's Pioneers of Pagonia gets first in-game trailer

City builder enters early access this year.

Image credit: Envision Entertainment

When we were first introduced to Pioneers of Pagonia, a new city builder from original The Settlers designer Volker Wertich, earlier this year, there wasn't much to go on beyond a brief description and a teaser video. Now, though, with its early access release steadily drawing nearer, we've been given a first proper look at the thing via a new in-game trailer.

Pioneers of Pagonia, to get the fundamentals out the way, sets players loose on the titular (and procedurally generated) islands of Pagonia with the goal of establishing a presence through production, economic expansion, and exploration, making use of the resources they uncover - and the alliances they forge with Pagonia's not always friendly inhabitants - along the way.

40 different building types have also been promised for Pioneers of Pagonia's Steam early access launch, along with more than 70 different goods and dispersed production chains. A co-op mode is also planned, meaning you'll be able to be a ruinous blight on the land (or otherwise, I suppose) with a friend in tow.

Pioneers of Pagonia in-game reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

And now! We finally have an idea how all of that'll look in-game, thanks to Pioneers of Pagonia's first in-game trailer - and what an adorable thing it is too, with its cartoon stylings, chunky visuals, and bold primary colours. And, erm, werewolves.

Werewolves would seem to be just one of the more fantastical creature types players can encounter on their journey though the cataclysm-blasted islands of Pagonia, with developer Envision Entertainment noting that while combat is featured in the game, it won't offer RTS-like unit controls. Instead, military and mystical units are tied to specific buildings and can be controlled from there. Additionally, units will automatically engage with targets they have a preference for, with the game incorporating good and bad match ups.

There's no specific release date for Pioneers of Pagonia right now, but it's scheduled to launch into Steam early access in "Q4" this year, where it's expected to remain for at least six months.

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