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Original Metroid Prime developer unhappy with remaster's door designs

Ajar-ing change.

Metroid Prime Remastered was surprise released at last night's Nintendo Direct, but there's already a touch of controversy about... the doors.

The doors in the Metroid series have always been iconic, locked behind Samus's various beam weapons, and Metroid Prime is no exception. It was the first time we got to see them from the front, so it was important to get the design right.

But in this remastered release, the design has been altered. And Zoid Kirsch, one of the original game's developers, isn't happy about it.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Launch Trailer - Nintendo SwitchWatch on YouTube

"They fucked up the doors in the re-mastered Metroid Prime! They have the wrong alpha level on the door shields," he said on Twitter. "I tend to be a bit picky about this since I literally spent months working on the doors. This should be fixed."

Picky indeed, but when you've put so much effort into something, it's frustrating to see changes made. He's since offered a more positive message of the remaster overall.

"Following up - the re-master is amazingly well done," he said. "The improvements to Samus and the boss models are awesome. I just noticed this particular change that stood out from the original. It's still a wonderful re-master and should be played and enjoyed."

I've popped into the game and the door designs have definitely changed, though they function the same as always.

A blue door in Metroid Prime Remastered
Close up of blue door in Metroid Prime Remastered

What's most impressive about the remaster are the visuals - Samus' new model is sublime - and the multiple control options. Players can choose from classic controls, dual-stick controls, motion controls, or a hybrid, bringing the game into the modern era.

Close up of Samus in Metroid Prime Remastered
Samus crouching from behind in Metroid Prime Remastered

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