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Former Retro Studios engineer "let down" by Metroid Prime remaster's lack of credit for original team

Phazoned out.

A Metroid Prime designer has voiced disappointment that the game's original team were not individually credited in the GameCube classic's recently-released remaster.

Former Retro Studios engineer Zoid Kirsch, who was also unhappy about changes to the door designs, said on Twitter he was "let down" by the lack of individual credits.

"While many studios did amazing work on the remaster, I'm let down Metroid Prime's Remaster does not include the full original game credits," he said.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Launch Trailer - Nintendo SwitchWatch on YouTube

"I worked with so many amazing people on the game and everyone's name should be included in the remaster, not just a single card like this."

Along with the tweet is an image of the credits, which simply states: "Based on the work of Metroid Prime (original Nintendo GameCube and Wii versions) development staff".

Following his previous comment on the doors, he did note that "the remaster is amazingly well done".

He added: "The improvements to Samus and the boss models are awesome. I just noticed this particular change [to the doors] that stood out from the original. It's still a wonderful remaster and should be played and enjoyed."

Metroid Prime Remastered was announced at last week's Nintendo Direct and has shot to the top of the eShop charts.

This isn't the first game to have an issue with lack of credits, however.

Earlier this year, an ex-Sega developer highlighted the lack of credits for translators in the recent Persona 3 and 4 releases.

Before that, some developers were left out of The Callisto Protocol credits and accused the studio of "playing favourites".

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