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Online Wii and DSi shops refreshed

WiiWare's Jett Rocket leads the pack.

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The online Wii and DSi shops have been refreshed.

There's not much to go bonkers about, but Shin'en Multimedia's Jett Rocket looks interesting. You're an all-action hero who must boat, parachute, snowboard and pilot aircraft to thwart an evil enemy power.

That game costs 1000 Wii Points. Loads more information on the official website.

Virtual Console only has one offering today: rare NES platform adventure Ufouria: The Saga by Sunsoft. It's the one with a little white character that wears a bobble hat. Ufouria costs 500 Wii Points.

On the DSi shop there are five new games. Interplay's pacey platformer Prehistorik Man is the most expensive at 800 DSi Points. That's followed at 500 DSi Points by Neko's musical platform game Maestro! Green Grove, Teyon's puzzle game Ball Fighter and Other Ocean's underwater game Puffins: Let's Fish!.

Extreme Hangman costs just 200 DSi Points. The "extreme" twist puts Hangman in various precarious settings, either moments away from being shot, strangled, erased or hung. Guess the words correctly to save his bacon.

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