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Online Dynasty Warriors in February

Strikeforce has 4-player online co-op, more.

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KOEI has announced that Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PS3/360) will be released in Europe on 16th February.

Strikeforce takes the Dynasty Warriors series online for the very first time. Four of you can either raid together co-operatively or bash each other competitively. There are even - in a Monster Hunter turn of events - dragons and "other massive beasts" to tackle together.

Voice and text chat are supported, and you can play offline with AI bots where your friends would normally be. Extra features exclusive to PS3 and 360 include 40 new missions, an enemy Hyperbreak gauge, combat tactics, new character "Meng Huo" and online officer trading.

Tecmo KOEI, as part of the company's new partnership, has also introduced Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 characters into Strikeforce. Complete each one's guest character challenge and you'll unlock their weapon of choice.

Strikeforce was released on PSP this summer and signalled a new lease of life for the Dynasty Warrior series. Head over to our Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce review to find out more.

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