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Of course there's a teapot Pokémon in Sword and Shield

Plus curry cooking.

If you're feeling a little fed up with real-life Britain at the moment, at least you'll be able to take solace in the lovely fictional version provided by Pokémon Sword and Shield's Galar region, which has ghostly teapot Pokémon and curries. Sounds ideal.

In this evening's Nintendo Direct, a couple more details about the upcoming games were revealed, including new Pokémon and a cooking minigame.

First up were details on the game's customisation, which will go beyond tops and bottoms to include items such as outerwear, gloves, hairstyles and makeup.

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Meanwhile, players will be able to set up camps as they explore the Galar region, which will allow them to bond with their Pokémon and improve their effectiveness in battle. You'll also be able to visit the camps of other players, and bring your own Pokémon along for a play date with your friends.

But most importantly of all, these camps will allow you to try your hand at curry cooking. Oh yes.

Giving Birmingham's Balti Triangle a run for its money, Sword and Shield will feature over 100 different types of curry for players to concoct using a range of berries and ingredients. There's even a Curry Dex, and completing that will make you a Curry Master. Check out the little Cooking Mama-esque mini game.

Two new Pokémon were also announced tonight - the first being Polteageist, which as the name suggests, is a ghost-type teapot Pokémon. Apparently it "may allow a trusting trainer to taste its tea", earning itself a position alongside Alcremie as another weird edible Pokémon.

In a surprise to no-one, drinking too much tea 'may lead to an upset stomach or indigestion'.

Things were similarly strange with the second Pokémon, Cramorant: a flying and water type with a special move called Gulp Missile which allows it to projectile vomit a fish onto the opposing Pokémon.

On the Pokémon website, some details also appeared describing a feature called Surprise Trade. Players simply pick a Pokémon to trade, continue on their adventures, and get randomly matched with another online player for a blind trade. You won't know what you're getting, so it's essentially a Pokémon lucky dip.

My one question after all this is... Pokémon Bake Off when?