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Octopath Traveler prequel announced for mobile

And a new console game is in production.

Octopath Traveler fans are having quite a day: along with celebrating 1.5m units shipped globally, Square Enix has announced a brand new game for the series, while there's talk of another Octopath Traveler console game.

Let's start at the beginning - or rather, even before that. The first of the new games is a prequel called Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent. The free-to-download title will release on iOS and Android in 2019 (in Japan, at least). The game's Japanese website explains it's set in Orsterra, allows users a choice of story between three "reigning champions", and features eight-character party command-based battles (thanks, Gematsu).

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Meanwhile, there's also talk of another Octopath Traveler game for console. Square Enix's Tomoya Asano previously mentioned the possibility of a sequel in an interview with Famitsu back in September (via RPG Site), although it sounds like players will be waiting a fair while for this.

"Everyone waiting for a new game on console, we're sorry, but production will take a little while longer," the Octopath Traveler Twitter account stated. "In the meantime, we hope you can enjoy [the smartphone game]!" (via Gematsu)

While you wait for further news of the console game and Champions of the Continent's release, you can pre-register for the latter over here.