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Now you can get a 3D-printed Hearthstone card as your phone case

Good call.

Hearthstone players can now call upon their favourite cards and cardbacks in these snazzy 3D-printed phone cases.

Manufacturer Fabzat worked with Blizzard to offer numerous cards such as Dr. Boom, Leeroy Jenkins or Ragnaros the Firelord, or fan-favourite cardbacks such as the game's Fireside, Pirates! or Love Is In the Air designs.

Once you've chosen a design, the phone case is then 3D-printed to reflect each card's in-game 3D layers.

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Hearthstone cards appear 2D when placed on the main game board, but are actually 3D when crafted, and designed to be chunky-looking.

The only drawback is the price - it's a little steep at just over £30 for a case, plus shipping.

Still, even as Hearthstone fans, we've not seen anything like it before. More card designs will be added in the future based on fan demand and new expansions.

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