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No problem adapting to PS3

Says Team 17 bigwig.

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Team 17 has had no problems adapting Lemmings for PS3, but has hinted that larger, more ambitious titles may find the transition to Sony's new platform a little more difficult.

"Largely speaking, we've had little problem adopting to the PlayStation3," said Martyn Brown, studio director for Team 17. "But then again it would be foolhardy to assume we are 'bashing the metal' on the hardware with Lemmings as much as something like Heavenly Sword or MotorStorm."

Brown continued with a warning to those with lofty plans for their next-generation games.

"There was a lot of rumour-mongering prior to the PS3 development hardware arriving that it would require huge teams and untold complexities," he said. "There's certain elements of that ring true, but only for titles that are wildly ambitious in terms of range and content detail, but as for day-to-day development, we've more or less taken it in our stride."

Brown's comments came after Sony announced last night that PS3 would launch across Europe on 23rd March for GBP 425, EUR 599.

Other first party developers have remained tight-lipped about PlayStation 3 in general this morning, pointing to NDAs as a reason for staying off the record.

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