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No bikes for Burnout until September

New patch delayed, but sounds exciting.

Criterion has pushed the motorbike patch for Burnout Paradise back from August to September, causing a little tear of sadness to trickle from our eye.

The team is adding the finishing touches to the free Davis update now, according to producer Jeremy Chubb and the US PlayStation blog.

When the patch does arrive, we can expect not only bikes - an FV1100 and Japanese Firehawk to name a couple - but also a day-night cycle that has more than a visual impact.

As soon as the sun goes down, Burnout Rides, which take you through checkpoints all around the city, become Midnight Rides that use completely separate routes.

On top of that are 70 specific challenges for bikers; 35 of those are the kind of timed, multi-part affairs added in Cagney, the free July update.

Criterion has plenty more free updates planned for Burnout Paradise, including the addition of biplanes and whole new islands to explore. The online support is certainly impressive; the only drawback so far has been delays for Xbox 360 updates due to technical hiccups.

Head over to our Burnout Paradise Davis gallery for a glimpse at the very lovely looking bikes.

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