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Nintendo's delightful puzzle platformer BoxBoy is heading to Switch in April

In a brand-new, co-op-enabled adventure.

Nintendo's wonderful 3DS puzzle platformer BoxBoy is making its Switch debut this April in the form of an entirely new adventure, titled BoxBoy + BoxGirl.

BoxBoy's Switch incarnation, the fourth instalment after BoxBoy, BoxBoxBoy, and Bye-Bye BoxBoy, looks to retain the series' delightfully inventive puzzle platforming, building on the titular character's ability to reshape himself - to create temporary platforms, for instance, or to hook onto ledges - in all sorts of interesting ways.

This new Switch iteration offers 270 stages and introduces two-player co-op, with one participant taking on the role of BoxGirl. There's also a bonus campaign once the first is complete, starring the rather more rectangular Qudy, known as "the tall one".

BoyBoy + BoxGirl (or BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! to be precise) comes to Switch on April 26th.

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