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Nintendo Wii price drop in May – report

To hit $150 mark in US.

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Amid speculation that Nintendo may announce a new home console at the E3 game show in June, a report has claimed that the Wii is set for a price drop in May.

A "trusted source" tells Engadget the Wii will cost $150 in the US from 15th May.

The Wii has suffered from a lack of game launches this year.

While a new The Legend of Zelda game is due out in 2011, Wii owners have little else to look forward to.

Yesterday Nntendo announced a sequel for mini-game collection Wii Play, called Wii Play: Motion.

Wii sales have slowed in recent months, and now that the Nintendo 3DS is on store shelves, many believe Nintendo will turn its attention to new hardware.

Little is known about Nintendo's future hardware plans, however.

US boss Reggie Fils-Aime has said it's unlikely Nintendo's next home console will be built around 3D visuals.

Back in November CEO Satoru Iwata explained Nintendo's silence, telling investors, "We are of course studying and developing the next console to Wii. However, there is a big difference between studying a product and announcing what it is and when we will release it."

Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot said in a recent interview that the lack of new console technology was to blame for the current software sales slump as developers aren't feeling inspired to come up with creative new ideas.

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