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Nintendo unveils June's Switch Online NES games

Kei hole.

Nintendo's unveiled the three NES games that will be hitting the Switch Online subscription service this month, and it's a decent bunch.

There's Volleyball, which is pretty much what you'd expect, plus Double Dragon 2, a scrolling brawler that provides a jolt of nostalgia and not much else. Personal pick of the bunch, though, is City Connection, which has you painting roads as you avoid obstacles in a pleasingly abstract piece of 80s arcade action.

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Indeed, the arcade version already exists on Nintendo Switch, but you could always double dip - and it's worth it seeing as City Connection is the progenitor to the amazing subgenre of games dedicated to kei cars such as Choro Q and Kat's Run. Oh, how lovely it'd be to have all of those on the Switch...

Volleyball, Double Dragon 2 and City Connection will all be joining the Switch Online subscription service on June 12th.

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