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Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

Like the bad old days of Wii waggle.

Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch is a traditional 2D fighting game, but it also has a first-person mode that lets you move about a pair of Joy-Cons to throw out Hadoukens and Dragon Punches.

Capcom Japan briefly showed off the mode in action in a live stream. The relevant section is archived in the video, below.

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The mode sees Ryu do fireballs and Dragon Punches against waves of Shadaloo grunts. To do a fireball you move the Joy-Cons forward. To do a Dragon Punch you move one up. To do a hurricane kick, move the Joy-Cons from side to side. You can even do a super after you build up your meter.

To be honest, it doesn't look great. Based on the gameplay demo, the motion performed doesn't trigger the correct animation - or any animation - half the time. The whole thing rekindles memories of the worst of the Wii waggle era. And it looks like Capcom has reused assets from Street Fighter 5's story mode in the creation of the environment and enemies. It's little more than a throwaway mini-game.

The first-person mode comes in beginner, standard and extra difficulties. The guy playing picks beginner. Perhaps standard and extra are better.

Anyway, it's hard to get too upset with this mode, since you can just not play it, right?

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