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Nintendo Switch owners report download issues following system update

After Nintendo pulls then resumes firmware rollout.

Some Nintendo Switch users who installed the system's latest firmware update have reported issues downloading purchased games from their store history.

The issue shows up as error code 2123-1502, for which there are steps on Nintendo's customer support site. But fans affected by the problem say these do not fix the bug in most cases.

A spate of reports flagging up this error code erupted this week when Nintendo released a small and otherwise unimportant system update.

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Nintendo paused the rollout of the update on Wednesday, and announced via its Japanese customer support Twitter account that it had discovered the new firmware caused network connectivity and microSDXC card issues. The rollout then resumed several hours later, alongside a link to an FAQ page with some things to try if you do run into trouble.

But, fans say, Nintendo's steps do not always solve the issue. We've heard from a number of Switch owners affected who have tried the above steps to no avail.

According to one long thread on the issue on reddit, Nintendo customer support in the US is aware of the problem and will walk you through resetting your system's cache over the phone - though again, this apparently also does not fix the error.

"Glad to know its not just me! Finally got around to getting the new Pokémon Snap and was not thrilled when it wouldn't download lol," said LordSion45.

"I have not been able to install anything from the eShop since yesterday," user Significant_King_970 wrote. "The system occasionally tells me that a game was installed on a SD card and that I need to reinstall that SD card in the system to continue. However, I have never had a SD card in my console."

Some users report having luck after manually changing DNS settings - though not everyone seems to agree.

In the meantime, we've asked Nintendo UK for an update on what's going on.

Hopefully Nintendo doesn't stealth drop something on the eShop next week following its E3 Direct with this still a problem!

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