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Nintendo Switch FIFA 19 players shafted once again as EA pulls Ultimate Team advert for content that never showed up

"The community is so tired of the neglect they've just given up."

Players of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch are once again up in arms after a long-awaited challenge added to the other versions of the game failed to show up on their console - despite being advertised in-game.

Overnight, multiple angry FIFA 19 players contacted Eurogamer to express their frustration at missing out on content given to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

This related to a Premier League Team of the Season Guaranteed Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team, which was added to FUT on PS4 and Xbox One but not on Nintendo Switch.

This is one of the most crucial Squad Building Challenges of the year as it guarantees those who complete it (trading in a high-quality team of cards) with a random Team of the Season card. Team of the Season cards are some of the best in the game, and FIFA players have come to enjoy working to obtain them towards the back end of FIFA's year-long lifecycle.

But this Squad Building Challenge is nowhere to be seen on Switch. Exacerbating the issue was an in-game advertisement for the Squad Building Challenge, which popped up in the Nintendo Switch version of the game before it was pulled.

The SBC in question was advertised in-game on Nintendo Switch before being pulled. Image credit EA forum user Giugaki.

Later, an EA rep took to EA's forum to say: "This SBC was not intended to be available for the Switch, as such the advertising panel for the SBC has since been removed accordingly."

That statement, as you'd expect, has done little to calm Nintendo Switch owners who for some time now feel they haven't got their money's worth out of FIFA 19 compared with players on other platforms.

"Once again Switch has been shafted for no reason at all, and the community is so tired of the neglect that they've just given up," Twitter user @andrewelliott27 told Eurogamer.

What's remarkable is this isn't the first time EA has mistakenly advertised FIFA 19 content for Nintendo Switch. In December 2018, the Nintendo of America Twitter account and the Switch news feed itself advertised FUTMAS Ultimate Team content for Nintendo Switch that failed to materialise. (We've asked EA for an explanation for this latest gaffe.)

Whatever the reason for these various cock-ups, some players of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch have had enough, insisting they're done with the series. With FIFA 20 set to be revealed at E3 in June, EA Sports will have a hard time earning back Nintendo Switch owners' trust after what's been a tumultuous year.