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Nintendo Mii-ifies comedians

Kidnaps you to console land.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As part of a meaty campaign to promote its avatar-creation system, Nintendo Japan has Mii-ified two popular Japanese comedians, Shuzo Matsuoka and Sanma Akashiya.

The jovial pair have been helping out Nintendo's promotional efforts for a few months now, particularly on television, and their digital likenesses will be automatically given to any gamer in the region using the Wii Connect 24 service.

However, you'll have to get in quick, as the offer is only available until the 29th March, and you'll only be able to receive the Miis once. So, if you send them to a chum, you're up the creek without a paddle and all that.

Unfortunately it probably isn't something we'll see in Europe, so any hopes of getting Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Miis can fly merrily out of the window.

"It's a really interesting idea, but obviously we don't have any celebrity endorsers of Wii in Europe, so we don't have any plans at the moment," a spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer this morning.

Indeed. Lets all move to Japan.

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