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Nintendo hardware rampant in US

Yes Wii can.

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Nintendo's Wii has once again topped US hardware sales, shifting 753,000 units in February according to NPD data.

The popular white box was followed by DS with 588,000 sales and Xbox 360 with 391,000 sales - its biggest ever month outside of the Christmas period.

Sony also had reason to cheer: the biggest month-on-month rise came from PS3, selling 276,000. PSP and PS2 rounded off the list with 199,000 and 131,000 sales respectively.

That means that Nintendo platforms combined to sell more than double Sony's total of 600,000 units.

Hardware sales cashed nearly USD 533 million for the month, up 11 per cent on the same period last year.

February US hardware sales

  1. Nintendo Wii - 753,000
  2. Nintendo DS - 588,000
  3. Xbox 360 - 391,000
  4. PlayStation 3 - 276,000
  5. PlayStation Portable - 199,000
  6. PlayStation 2 - 131,000

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