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Nintendo to offer free Zelda tickets

For symphony-loving UK Club Nintendo fans.

UK Club Nintendo members will soon be given the chance to win free tickets to London's Zelda Symphony tour, Nintendo has told Eurogamer.

The London concert is the only fixture of the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony tour planned for Europe. It will feature a live orchestra performing music from throughout the Legend of Zelda series.

"UK Club Nintendo members will soon be able to receive information regarding a special chance to win free tickets to the London performance," Nintendo told Eurogamer today. "More details on this will be released soon."

Normally tickets prices for the event start at £38.50. The most expensive seats cost £110.50 and include the chance to meet members of the orchestra after the show.

Nintendo's competition is a consolation for UK fans yet to buy tickets, and it comes as the company cleared up confusion over a previous offer that listed Zelda tickets at a cheaper price for all UK Club Nintendo members.

Nintendo fans were offered a 15 per cent discount on tickets when purchased with a special Club Nintendo code, but this code was exclusive to US Club Nintendo fans. This was an error and has now been amended, Nintendo clarified to Eurogamer today.

Gamers were previously able to select the discounted tickets, which had the cheaper prices visible, although were then unable to complete their purchases due to Nintendo not having issued the necessary code to redeem the offer.

US Club Nintendo members are currently being offered that same 15 per cent discount when buying tickets for the tour's Los Angeles leg. Gamers simply enter the word "Zelda" to unlock the cheaper price.

But this promotion is only for American gamers, Nintendo has now clarified: "This is a special offer only available to US Club Nintendo members and as such has been removed. We would like to apologise for any confusion caused," Nintendo explained.

Tickets for the Zelda 25th Anniversary tour are currently still available via Ticketmaster.

The tour includes music from throughout the Zelda series.