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Input lag for N64 games improved in latest update for Nintendo Switch Online

Plus reflections return in Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo is gradually making improvements to the Nintendo 64 app for Switch Online players.

Last week the addition of Banjo-Kazooie to the service came with a 1.2 update for the app that made some changes, including reduced input lag.

According to YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer, the input lag has been significantly improved across the board.

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"The input lag has had some work," he said. "It's certainly not fixed, but it is better than the original release and it does show me that Nintendo is listening, or at least reading the feedback and trying to address these things."

Using The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as an example, the input lag has been improved from between 5-6 frames of lag to 1-2 frames. Other games may vary.

"Again, this is not perfect, and due to the nature of emulation it may never be, [but] it's clear that Nintendo has reduced lag here and overall the game does feel much better to play so this is quite a good result," he said.

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What's more, Ocarina of Time has seen a further improvement.

Fans of the game will be familiar with the battle with Dark Link in the Water Temple, which takes place in a room flooded with water and ambient fog. Except in the Switch emulation the water wasn't reflective and the fog is gone, meaning the encounter lost much of its atmosphere.

Now the water texture has been fixed to add in a reflective surface, though the fog is still missing.

That lack of fog can be seen throughout Ocarina of Time. It means objects in the distance now pop far more than they should, so the game shows its age more clearly when compared to the original release.

The emulation isn't perfect, then, but through incremental changes it seems Nintendo is listening to fan feedback.

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