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Nintendo cagey on Apollo Justice date

For Europe, anyway.

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Nintendo is no closer to narrowing down a European date for DS game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

But it has confirmed the US release for 12th February, which is useful for those who like importing their games.

It would seem that Phoenix Wright will no longer be the star of the Ace Attorney series - looks like Capcom will be introducing a whole new cast of characters instead.

Last we heard, Apollo Justice was due to arrive here in March. But we're still waiting on Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, which is lurking mysteriously in "2008".

You can always torture yourselves and read our Trials and Tribulations review, where John Walker tells you how good it is and how he wishes he was new to the series because then he would get to see it with fresh eyes. It's quite moving actually.

Alternatively you could run around in circles and never stop.

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