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Nightclub sim Nightclub Story launches


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Image credit: Eurogamer

There is a nightclub management game and it's out now.

Free iPhone, iPod touch and iPad game Nightclub Story is by US developer TeamLava. It allows players to customise and manage their nightclub.

Eurogamer recommends players model their virtual nightclubs on Croydon's Black Sheep Bar. Cheap Sheep Tuesdays are always packed.

Nightclub Story is the next title in TeamLava's "Story" leading mobile social games series, reads the official blurb, which "has a fan base of millions of players worldwide".

You have to keep punters happy by "uniquely decorating an original nightclub, preparing beverages and ensuring the DJ never stops spinning".

"Players can create an ideal party atmosphere and keep the dance floor alive" by choosing their favourite genre of music or playing songs from their own iTunes playlist.

You can also trade club décor or snap and swap photos of top clubs with other players while building the best nightclub in town.

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