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Night in the Woods is getting a free Director's Cut update in December

Coming to Xbox One and "another console" too.

Developer Infinite Fall's celebrated narrative adventure Night in the Woods - a game of cute animals and crippling existential dread - is getting a "director's cut" on December 13th.

Known as the Weird Autumn Edition, the new version features (in the words of its creators) "a whole bunch of new content". The announcement trailer is marginally more illuminating, revealing that it will feature "new weird, new crimes, and old tales". Weird Autumn will be made available as a free update for existing PC and PS4 players on release day.

December 13th also marks Night in the Woods' Xbox One debut, where it will arrive in its new Weird Autumn guise. As a bonus, Xbox One and PC players will receive Longest Night and Lost Constellation, the two previously released supplemental games, on launch day. PS4 players, meanwhile, will get them a smidgeon later, in January 2018.

There's one last potentially exciting bit of Night in the Wood news. Among Infinite Fall's deluge of Weird Autumn Edition announcement tweets today was one reading, "Stay tuned for news on another console, which I am unable to mention for reasons, but you know what console I'm talking about."

Given that the Xbox One and PS4 versions are already a known quantity, we can immediately cross them off the list of potential other consoles. As such, it's probably safe to surmise that Switch is the mysterious device being alluded to here. However, I guess Vita might be a possible outlier, with the Atari Jaguar and 3DO considerably further down the list.

Night in the Woods was much loved around these parts on release. Writing for Eurogamer, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell described it as "whimsical without being frivolous and tender without being maudlin", before slapping a Recommended badge atop its bonnet in his review.