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Next EVE expansion titled Apocrypha

March release date confirmed.

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CCP has revealed the title for the next free EVE Online expansion, to be launched alongside the return of the space MMO to shop shelves courtesy of Atari. It's to be called Apocrypha.

CCP also confirmed the March 10th release date that it originally announced at its Fanfest event in November last year.

Our coverage of the announcement has full details of what's coming in the huge expansions: epic branching missions, wormholes to unexplored space, Tech 3, modular ships and a completely reworked new player experience.

CCP's press release also notes that Mac players will finally get a client for the Premium graphics version of the game with the release of the retail edition.

Loads more - including a preview of the Walking In Stations project that will bring avatars to EVE for the first time - at the EVE Online gamepage.

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