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Halo 3 and FFXIII at E3?

Release date claims, too.

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With E3 just weeks away now, everyone and his blog's got a theory about what's going to be shown - and two of the most interesting rumours are about a pair of rather inevitable sequels.

Last night, IGN declared fairly confidently that Halo 3 would be released in March 2007, citing an anonymous Microsoft source and a second source close to the company - and added that it believes a video of the game will be shown at E3.

Microsoft's obviously not saying anything about that - it doesn't comment on rumour and speculation, donchaknow - but it's certainly a possibility.

Although, er, Peter Moore did say this last week: "I think certainly this year, 2006, we might give you a peek at what Bungie is working on." So there you go.

Next, there's US mag EGM, which claims that we can expect to see Final Fantasy XIII announced for PlayStation 3 during E3, complete with a teaser video.

Square-Enix has said nothing about this - it's only just shipped Final Fantasy XII on PS2, after all - but that is the rumour 1UP's reporting, so there you go.

A bit far-fetched? We'll find out in May.

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