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Ubi secures full Far Cry rights

IP and tech.

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Publisher Ubisoft has announced that it has acquired the full set of IP rights relating to the Far Cry franchise, which was created by German studio Crytek, in a move which will allow the firm to continue developing games based on the property.

Under the terms of the new deal with Crytek, Ubisoft will take ownership of all the existing Far Cry IP, as well as a perpetual license to use the version of the CryENGINE technology implemented in Far Cry.

The agreement means that Ubisoft will be able to develop sequels in the franchise - which has become a major property for the French publisher, with Far Cry Instincts Evolution (Xbox) and Far Cry Instincts Predator (Xbox 360) both shipping this week.

It also grants Ubisoft and its studios the ability to use the Far Cry engine to develop other titles, which is another string to the company's bow in development terms - with a statement this morning outlining the firm's enthusiasm about taking the engine "to the next level."

Crytek, of course, is already hard at work doing just that - but for Ubisoft's giant rival Electronic Arts, for whom the development studio is currently creating its second high-profile title, Crysis.

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