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Virtual Console line-up grows

US gets three more titles.

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America's version of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console service welcomed the introduction of three new games this week, with both Hudson and SEGA getting their bottoms in gears.

First up was the former, with Turbografx title Super Star Soldier added to the line-up at the cost of 600 Wii points, or US$ 6.00, while SEGA's Megadrive titles both go for 800 points which is, you guessed it, US$ 8.00 apiece.

Nintendo has previously said - this very week in fact - that it aims to release "between one and five titles" each Monday "essentially on an ongoing basis".

Whether that will extend to European Wiis, which go on sale on 8th December, remains to be seen. The services have different software line-ups in Europe, the US and Japan.

Then again, if they're expecting us to pay that much for manky old 16-bit games that are available on about 48 other compilations anyway, we can probably live without it. Just make sure our SNES games are ready when we want them Nintendo, or else.

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