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Kirby and Princess Peach get DS outings

Nintendo's working on a pair of side-scrolling character-driven DS titles, according to Famitsu Weekly.

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Nintendo has unveiled a pair of side-scrolling DS titles based around familiar characters in Japan this week, according to reports relayed from the pages of Famitsu Weekly. One stars Princess Peach, the other Kirby.

Although neither game has an official release date yet, there are a few details as to how they work scattered about. The first title, "Super Princess Peach", apparently uses a similar graphical style to SNES classic Yoshi's Island, and sees Mario's recurring belle using her parasol to float over gaps and attack enemies. There's no word on how the game will make use of the touch-screen, but given it's a Nintendo title we imagine it's unlikely to ignore it.

"Touch! Kirby: Mahou no Efude", on the other hand, hands the pink blob another prop to play around with. In this year's GBA title Kirby And The Amazing Mirror he was handed a mobile phone; this time he's got his hands (if you can call them that) on a paintbrush, and word is that you'll be able to draw rainbow tracks on the touch-screen to guide the little fella around brightly coloured environments.

We'll bring you more on both titles as soon as we can. The Nintendo DS, in case you've forgotten already, is due out in the US on November 21st priced $149.99, and in Japan on December 2nd.

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