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'Most games are really boring' – Katamari Damacy creator

Well, except Ico.

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Fresh from claiming that Namco basically coerced him into making a second Katamari Damacy game by threatening to do a rubbish one without him, our current favourite game designer Keita Takahashi has apparently told Hardcore Gamer Magazine that he isn't a big gamer and finds most of them boring.

Asked if he was trying to appeal to female gamers, Takahashi-san reportedly said: "I didn't try to appeal to any group in particular. I'm not a big gamer, so I don't feel as though I am locked into the same design patterns as most game designers." Then, asked why he didn't play many games, he said rather grumpily, "Most games are really boring." Brilliant.

You could argue it's an obvious point - most games are pretty boring, or at least only marginally better than mediocre, by virtue of the fact that for every good one there are about five awfuls - but it's still funny to hear him say it. There aren't many developers who get to talk like this these days without being beaten up by their own PRs and told to SIT DOWN AND MAKE HACKANDSLASHES and MAKE SURE THE AI IS BLOODY FANTASTIC.

So what does keep Takahashi-san interested? "Lately the only game to interest me is Ico." Someone give that man a cookie.

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