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Suikoden IV due in late 2004

Oh Tokyo Game Show, how we love you.

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Konami has announced that Suikoden IV will be released on the PS2 in the US towards the end of next year, following on from the critically acclaimed release of volume three in 2003.

According to the press blurb, Suikoden IV reintroduces the 108 Stars of Destiny, and spruces things up graphically all over the shop, from characters and environments to the battle system with its dynamic camera angles.

As with previous games, players can expect an extensive quest with multiple endings and storyline twists adding to the replay value, and we'd anticipate this one soaking up plenty of hours when it makes it to market in "fall" 2004.

However, with little sign of Suikoden III making it to these shores a year on, we're even less likely to get our hands on this paradoxical prequel set 150 years before the PSone original, meaning that this is good news for those of us with sneaky silicon secreted about our darkside toasters, and depressing news for RPG loving PAL gamers.

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