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B&W2: new trailer, more details

It's "as good as a game gets", says man developing game.

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A trailer for Lionhead Studios' forthcoming god sim Black & White 2 is now available from 3D Gamers.

And to celebrate, possibly, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has been revealing more details of what we can expect from the sequel to the original hit PC title.

Speaking to US website Gamespot, Molyneux said B&W2 will add "totally new elements" to both the god sim and RTS genres.

"The implementation of a proper physics system has greatly enhanced gameplay, particularly the RTS side of the game," he says.

"Now, you have to smash down walls with boulders and catapults; a few archers just won't be able to do it."

The graphics engine has also been revamped, according to Molyneux, and the technology behind the creature learning system has come on in leaps and bounds.

"You can see [the creature's] thoughts, you can easily teach him a specific lesson, you can even change your mind about the lessons you have taught him and teach him a different way," he explains.

"You can make him think like the commander of a battle, or you can train him to assist you and your people."

More than 80 Lionhead staffers are currently working on the game, which started off with a team of just 20, and Molyneux says they're planning to get it to alpha stage by the middle of next month. "All game features are locked and in place, so now it's a question of refining and polishing," he adds.

Molyneux goes on to concede that the original Black & White wasn't perfect: "I think parts of it were flawed, especially the start of the game, the creature learning system, and the micromanagement of your people.

"Obviously, we have addressed all of the above in Black & White 2 and have enhanced them beyond recognition."

And to a point where it can't get much better, apparently. "I am tempted to say this is as good as a game gets," says Molyneux, "A completely new form of playing a god game and an RTS.

"I'm sure many people will say, ‘Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?’ So, I'll say what I can with total certainty, which is that Black & White 2 plays even better than it looks and has already exceeded my own dreams."

The game is slated for an autumn release, so you can judge for yourself then.

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