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WOW gets new patch

And Azeroth gets weather.

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Blizzard has issued a new patch for World of Warcraft which will bring weather effects to Azeroth for the first time.

Well, certain areas of Azeroth, anyway - such as Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, Darkshor, Un'Goro Crater and Tanaris. But Blizzard "will be adding more weather to the world as time progresses," apparently.

Patch v1.10 also introduces new rare epic armour sets to dungeons, plus all-new bosses. Various items have been enhanced and some drop rates have been increased, too.

There's good news for level 60 players - from now on, any experience points you earn will be converted into gold, offering more incentive to complete quests.

Other changes include the option to select a final destination when dealing with Flight Masters, thereby eliminating the need to make stops along the way. You can expect all manner of balance tweaks, too - for the full rundown, visit the official World of Warcraft website.

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