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eBay PS3s top 1000 dollars

That's the average, apparently.

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New figures released by online auction site eBay have revealed that gamers eager to get their hands on a PlayStation 3 are willing to pay more than US$ 1000 for the privilege.

In the week following launch, a total of 14,675 PS3 units were sold - with that figure including both the 20GB and 60GB versions. The average sale price, again for both versions, was US$ 1186.39 (just over 900 Euro).

Adding on figures for pre-sale activity from October 17, the number of units sold stands at more than 28,200 - with an average price of just under US$ 1370.

The Nintendo Wii also sold well on the auction site, although sellers didn't turn quite such high profits. The average price for the Wii, which sells for US$ 249.99 in shops, was US$ 412.53 (314 Euro) - and just over 26,700 units were sold.

If taking account of pre-sales from October 19, the total number of Wiis sold was 29,451, and the average price was around US$ 428.

eBay also revealed that just over 330 Xbox 360 units were sold between November 12 and 24, retailing for an average of US$ 420.62 (320 Euro).

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