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Half-Life 2 Xbox dated

'-Life is complete.

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Xbox 360 may be the number of the hour, but those of you 359 behind will be pleased to hear that the Xbox port of Half-Life 2 has GONE GOLD IN BIG LETTERS and will be released worldwide, according to Valve, on November 15th. Smashing.

Smashing is of course a theme of Half-Life 2. Apart from being smashing, which it certainly was on the PC, it has one of the most deliciously tactile environments in gaming, full of things to club with your crowbar and wreck you’re your gravity gun.

The Xbox version is the full single-player game, lightly retouched so that it fits Microsoft's barely ageing console format, and it looked mighty handsome when we took a turn on it at E3 this May.

Expect some sort of review of the thing closer to its release date - although don't be too surprised if it's actually out on November 18th or something like that. You know how we love Fridays around here.

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