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UK Charts: FIFA shoots to No.1

Now there's a shock!

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EA scored another No.1 success this week following the PS2, Cube and Xbox debut of FIFA Football 2004, deposing Konami's rival footy title Pro Evolution Soccer 3 to No.2 in the process.

Remedy's keenly-awaited action blockbuster Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne debuted at No.6 on the Full Price All Formats, and topped the PC chart, while Vivendi's Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds entered at No.12.

In a busy week for new releases, Square's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance went straight in at No.17 (No.2 GBA), Capcom's Cube-exclusive Viewtiful Joe went in at No.18 (No.2 GameCube behind FIFA 2004), Illusion's long-awaited Hidden & Dangerous 2 entered at No.19 (No.3 PC), while Pyro's Commandos 3 made an appearance at a lowly No.40 (No.12 PC).

Elsewhere in the Full Price listings, Tiger Woods is still holding its own at No.3, Finding Nemo continued to impress, up two places to No.4, Sony's EyeToy: Play shows no sign of slowing at No.5, while last week's new entry Jak II (Naughty Dog) held firm at No.9.

Meanwhile Codemasters' Club Football dropped from No.3 to No.7, SCi's Conflict Desert Storm dropped to No.8, while EA's well-timed Rugby 2004 stayed put at No.10.

Lower down in the charts, Nintendo's Super Mario Advance 4 stormed up 20 places to No.15 (No.1 GBA), Sierra/Rebellion's Judge Dredd Vs Judge Death failed to improve over its sluggish start last week, down two places to No.26, Bungie's Halo dropped to No.16 (No.2 PC) after just one full week on sale, Kuju''s alleged 'Halo-beater' Fire Warrior plummeted to No.23, while IO's Freedom Fighters also dropped like a stone to No.22 - down 10 places.

At the cheaper end of the market, EA continued to clean up, with five out of the top six budget titles at the top, with Medal Of Honor: Frontline (No.5 All Price All Formats), FIFA 2003 (No.11) an Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets performing particularly well.

The All Formats was again bereft of an Xbox exclusive, while the Cube managed just one (Viewtiful Joe).

Next week looks set to be another busy one for new entries with the following big titles out this week: F-Zero GX, Simpsons Hit And Run, Crimson Skies, Time Crisis 3, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg and Worms 3D.

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