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Project Zero producer speaks

Kikuchi wants to eat your soul!

Fatal Frame producer, Keisuke Kikuchi, has divulged more details about Tecmo's imminent adventure-horror sequel, Fatal Frame III - the third game in the series known as Project Zero on these shores.

Speaking to Japanese publication, ITmedia, the producer expresses a desire to make the player "actually be afraid of searching out the truth, because they will be afraid to find out what horrible things await their character".

To that end, expect a new, as of yet unexplained approach to the series, a slightly more lucid ending (although Kikuchi wants players to get "a slightly different feeling" each time they watch it) and of course, a lot of unsettling moments to have you question yourself and your senses.

Fatal Frame III will still feature Miku Hinasaki from the original, although she will be joined by two other playable characters, Rei Kurosawa and Kei Amakura, each with their own abilities. The intention is to bring the story full circle, but not alienate new players if they've not played the previous games.

Speaking about the next generation, Kikuchi says he "already has some ideas" about what to go for should he get time to develop on the more powerful systems; one of which includes the ability to throw a good few dozen of enemy characters at the player simultaneously. "For instance I feel that with the current system if I can do 10 things I really want, then with the next system I can probably do 20 things I really want to do or show."

Fatal Frame III will hit the PlayStation 2 this week in Japan, preceding a US launch in autumn. There's currently no release date for Europe.