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Prey gets a release date

Out next month on PC and X360.

Take-Two has announced that highly anticipated PC and Xbox 360 title Prey will go on sale next month.

Billed as "a groundbreaking first-person shooter", Prey sees you playing as Tommy, a Native American garage mechanic who gets abducted by aliens. With only a ghostly hawk and a dead Grandad to guide you, it's your job to navigate your way through their a living spaceship, rescue your girlfriend and save the whole of humanity from extinction.

There are all sorts of intriguing elements to get to grips with, such as portals which act as doorways between different dimensions and switches which change the rules of gravity. These come into play during multiplayer deathmatches too, rather excitingly.

Prey is out in Europe on July 14th, three days after the US release. PC owners will be able to pick up a limited collector's edition, and a demo of the Xbox 360 game is set to appear on Live very soon.

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