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Free Total Annihiliation remake

New version of classic real-time strategy game gets its first official public beta launch.

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The first version of TA Spring, a remake of classic real-time strategy game Total Annihilation, is now available for download from the Spring website.

"There is of course lots and lots left to do on it but we felt that it is working well enough that it should be playable, and people should be able to start modding it," says a Spring representative.

The TA Spring project is aimed at creating "the best RTS ever", which will be free of charge to download. It puts Cavedog Entertainment's original game in a full 3D environment - losing the fixed-angle perspective - and offers improved physics and even a first-person shooter mode.

Anyone interested is welcome to create their own versions of the game, providing they release the source code for any modifications, and Spring says "We have had some developers gone inactive lately so we need new people to help us."

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