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Play Peter Molyneux and friends on Xbox Live

Kill all the Lionheads!

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If you've ever felt like shooting Peter Molyneux and watching him tumble Icarus-like out of the sky in a ball of waxy flames, then you probably didn't get along with Black & White. And you'd certainly be the wrong sort of person to log on to Xbox Live on February 18th at 7PM GMT when Lionhead Studios' Molyneux and Simon and Dene Carter from Big Blue Box will be playing Crimson Skies and discussing Fable with Xbox owners.

The event is part of Microsoft's "Play the Star" programme, which aims to give gamers an audience with their development heroes (and celebrities in other areas, too). More big names are lined up for the rest of 2004 according to Microsoft's Michel Cassius. "We've got a fantastic year of exclusive events lined up," he said in a statement. "Not only does Xbox Live offer the best online gaming experience, with some of the coolest titles around, but it also gives gamers the chance to go head to head with the biggest stars in music and games."

All you have to do to join in with Peter, Simon and Dene come February 18th is add their gamertags to your friends list - Lionhead1 for Peter and Lionhead2 for Simon and Dene. Who knows? Maybe it'll prove to be the start of a beautiful new friendship.

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