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Bethesda goes Rogue

Unreal Engine FPS for 2007, on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Bethesda Softworks is to publish a new Unreal Engine 3 powered first-person shooter called Rogue Warrior on Xbox 360, according to Official Xbox 360 Magazine. (Update: an announcement today confirmed that the game will also be released on PC and PS3.)

Due out next year, it's a multiplayer-focused anti-terrorism game based on books by Richard Marcinko, in development at Zombie Studios, who have worked on things like Shadow Ops in the past.

Rogue Warrior's online modes sound quite interesting - including one that will generate a map based on what the two teams decide beforehand, the idea being that you'll only know the territory you start off in.

Xbox Live will obviously feature, with support for four players in co-op mode, and up to 24 in other multiplayer modes.

Expect more details to emerge in the near future.

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