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David Jaffe's PSP title on hold

WarHawk eating Incog's resources.

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WarHawk developer Incognito Entertainment has put the development of its PSP title on hold.

The team is unable to continue development of the PSP game, code-named HL, due to logistical reasons.

"[HL] is - for the moment - on the shelf," wrote David Jaffe, of Sony Worldwide Studios, in his blog.

"The core reason is that it was very ambitious and so is WarHawk. The same developer is making both games, with some key members shared between both games, so Scott (Campbell, president of Incognito) and I said, 'f*** it'. We'll do HL later... maybe."

Jaffe is best known for his work on the critically acclaimed God of War, and is currently finishing an unannounced title for Sony due, "between November and January".

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