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X360 pad goes for $91 on eBay

Wired one, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A chap going by the handle tuzik7 last week flogged an Xbox 360 controller on eBay. (First person to say "slow news day" gets a lifetime sub to

Claiming that he "got" the controller – which is of the wired variety – while he was attending "a game developer's conference hosted by Microsoft", the US-based seller made $91, which is rather more than the pad will actually retail for when it and the Xbox 360 go on sale toward the end of November.

Around 25,000 people have taken a look at the auction so far (although we'd imagine many of them came in the same way we did – via a story on Joystiq). As well as making $91, tuzik7 also charged $10 for shipping. Cheeky chappy.

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