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DLC plans for Mass Effect

Between-game content.

Bioware's continued saying exciting things about Mass Effect, it's real-time action-RPG for Xbox 360 - revealing that it plans to keep things ticking over between instalments in the trilogy by releasing premium content on Marketplace.

Speaking at GDC last week, one of Bioware's joint-CEOs, Dr Ray Muzyka, said, "we're planning on extensive post-release content bridging between storylines, bridging the gap between products" and added that this would be "premium" content.

Xbox owners are no strangers to premium content, of course, having been given the option of paying for stuff in Xbox 1 titles including MechAssault and Project Gotham Racing 2; Microsoft recently said it'd be releasing downloadable content for the likes of PGR3, Perfect Dark and Kameo in the near future.

For Bioware's part, it's busy at work on Mass Effect, which is due out either this year or in 2007, and will be playable at E3 this year. For more details, refer to our previous coverage.